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Earn money learning how to become a coach and get ready for the fall with Coerver this summer. 

This mentorship program is for 16-22 year olds looking to develop multiple areas of their game this summer whilst gaining invaluable coaching experience. The mentors are there to create an exemplary model of the quality and professionalism required throughout each session. This will involve playing 90% of the time. Each mentor will be given coaching opportunities and these will be specific based on the experience and knowledge the individual is looking to gain from the program.

Players will attend the Summer Performance Academy sessions developing their game alongside the younger participants, they will also shadow experienced Coerver Coaches learning how to lead effective high-tempo sessions. The participants in this program will also have opportunities to lead sessions themselves gaining experience as a coach, further developing their knowledge of the game, each session is three hours long split into three individual 1 hour sessions. Participants of the program will be paid $50 per three hour session that they coach. 


Improve through the off season inside a program consisting of 144 hours of training, fully focusing on individual repetition exercises

Become trained in the Coerver methodology, opening up coaching opportunities in the future after graduation or while at University

The program will work by having these players receive a globally recognised certificate by attending the Coerver Coaching Youth Diploma 1 (May 25th-26th)  and Youth Diploma 2 (May 27th - 28th) courses at 50% off the cost. To become educated on the sessions to be coached over the summer, including all of our Coerver techniques on how to get the very best out of every individual. Participants in the Coerver Mentorship program will be selected to coach sessions as the head coach based on their level of qualifications. Therefor those that attend the two Youth Diploma courses will have a better chance of being called upon to coach sessions on their own. 

During the sessions we expect the mentors to do two things:

1. Take part in the sessions and work at a high tempo, showing the players at the program what level of effort is needed to succeed. This not only helps our Performance Academy players work harder, but it gives the CMP a great opportunity to develop their game over the summer, better than any opportunity currently available. We want our CMP's to return to their school and raise their game.

2. Help players and coaches deliver the session to every individual to the best of our ability. If a player is struggling, we expect the CMP to help give tips and hints. Imagine David Beckham practising at the same facility as you, would be great right!! What if he came over and helped you take a free kick like him? Having that information delivered by a respected peer is always better than a coach. Players may be used to demonstrate techniques and skills, help with setting up the sessions and coaching the players under the guidance of our elite coaches. Also leading sessions as the head coach themselves! 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION-These payers are mentors / coaches and must act in this regard throughout the program. 


If the CMP becomes distracting to the players and acts as a bad example to what we at Coerver expect from these individuals, we will remove this individual from the program. We expect nothing but the best for our players, coaches and mentors, therefore we will do everything in our power to sustain our global reputation. We only want CMP's our players can aspire to become, so if this is you, come and be a part of the best individual development program in the USA.

Lastly, and more importantly, to take part in this program we will need to cover our CMP's in our insurance and to get them uniform. Therefore to become a CMP,  all we need is $85 to cover those expenses and you are good to go! For $85 you receive a program worth a minimum of $585 and two Youth Diploma courses at 50% off!

We look forward to seeing you on the fields!

Included in the program:
The full coaches kit ($180 value)
.  We are moving ahead with the safest social distancing training format soccer can offer! Before players fully integrate into full sided games or with their team, get them playing with Coerver, working on skill, technique and physical elements in a safe environment! To ensure safety throughout we are adding these safety procedures:

The Three Step Process:

Step 1, Players can choose to take part in the Virtual Performance Academy, with the ability to transfer to a location of their choice whenever comfortable

Step 2, Players can register for the full Performance Academy and experience double the number of coaches during the sessions during this phase. This phase will consist of 3 (or half) on field training sessions per week and 3 (or half) virtual sessions. This will allow us to pay for twice as many coaches than usual on the 3 on field days, with players receiving 6 days of training as per normal.

Step 3, Full return to play in the regular Performance Academy format. 

These steps will be completely dependent on the locations. If the fields are not open or the guidelines do not allow us to operate with their restrictions, we will operate to the best step possible, but no further until it is safe to do so. We will be following the government's guidelines during this time, but regardless, training WILL be available throughout, 6 days per week! 

Performance Academy On-Field Safety Guidelines

1.  Coaches and Players will not be allowed to attend if they are running a fever or feeling ill.

2.   All Players will use their own soccer balls for the duration of the session. 

3.    Only Coaches should handle all Coerver equipment 

4.    There will be a sanitation station at each location, including hand sanitizer and ball washing equipment

5.    No indirect or direct contact with other players or coaches.

6.    Players should bring their own water bottles.

7.    Bags and water bottles should be spread apart from others.

8.    Parents who stay the duration of the sessions should stay in or near their vehicles unless they walking or running in another part of the complex or park.


9.     Players will be separated as to make the smallest player to coach ratio possible every evening

10.  We strongly encourage only 1 parent per child attend and all non-playing family members to stay at home.

11. The sessions could be divided to two per day, a morning and an evening opportunity. 

8.   Quantity of fields used will be increased as to reduce traffic any specific field. 

9. Face masks, face bandanna's, gloves and all other items of clothing to limit contact will be encouraged and allowed.  

We understand these events are subject to change, so for your convenience, all monies will be refundable to the point of what was used (if you register for the PA at a location that cannot go ahead due to local restrictions, we will refund or transfer you to the Virtual PA and refund the difference)

All of these additions shall prove to be the safest way back to the fields for players of all ages, and their families. We look forward to having a great season of soccer with you! Lets kick covid-19 out of the park!


Coerver Carolinas

580 Wateroak Trail 
Chapin, South Carolina 29036

Phone: 803-553-0224
Email: [email protected]

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